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Dlink Torrent Client

Since v1.0.5 of the official firmware, bittorrent downloading has been included as standard. With v1.0.6, it has been improved through easysearch ”

Note: The Html/Ajax interface seems to have difficulties with other browser than IE, Opera 10

Update 30 Jan 2010: The Html/Ajax interface seems to work better under the latest Firefox release (version 3.5.7) than IE8.

Note: The Html/Ajax interface seems to die in all browsers (Opera 10, Google Chrome, IE 7) after downloading and seeding ~40GB files in near 30 torrents.

By default, the downloaded files are stored on Volume_1 (HD_a2). To make the files downloaded on Volume_2, create empty folders (complete, incomplete, torrents) on Volume_2 and create symbolic links on HD_a2 pointing on HD_b2.

Also, one can modify bittorrent settings, to change BT directories. Settings file located at: /mnt/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/BT/btsettings.txt

Client open BT folder in SAMBA with full access (R/W) to all users without normal (using configuration) possibility to disable it.


Torrent Client. Fast, popular, lightweight & open source (of course)

Transmission Remote GUIs

You can use a web browser or the following multi platform apps to control Transmission.

It permits advanced functions such as selecting individual files from a torrent, setting priorities and per torrent bandwidth control.

Nice GUI, supports all or almost all the remote functionality of Transmission. Can map linux filesystem to the network drive and open downloaded files in one click from GUI.

Symbian phones can now connect and control the Transmission daemon.

Android devices 1.6 and above can control Transmission.

For more Transmission details please see

For Android devices, can control Transmission.


Transmission lacks auto-downloading capabilities, and that's where Automatic comes into the picture. Similar to clients like Vuze and µTorrent, you provide an RSS feed and some filters and Automatic will grab the torrents of your choice and feed them to Transmission.


ML Donkey is a powerful open source P2P software that handles BitTorrent, eDonkey, Kad Network, Gnutella, Overnet, etc.

Shadowandy's pre-compiled ML Donkey Package with easy installation instructions (new link).

Shadowandy's Optimizing MLDonkey for your NAS

Forum Discussions about this package


rtorrent is one of the most flexible and powerful ncurses-based clients out there. It will run on the DNS-323 with debian. To install, simply type 'apt-get install rtorrent'. However, as of 2008-02-10 this will only install version 0.6.4, which is out of date and does not support encryption.

To install 0.8.2 or 0.8.4 follow the instructions here: (thanks bzhou)

rtorrent 0.8.2 (with xml-rpc-c support) has been compiled for ffp 0.5. Packages are available here

For tips on using rtorrent, see How to use rtorrent like a pro.


w3btorrent is a very light and simple interface for the modified text-based ctorrent (wctorrent) client. It requires php4 or php5 (with expat,session,libz,pcre support) and lighttpd. It supports rss feeds, wget and archives. It runs on DNS-323 as well, here is a sample package to add to traditional funplug.d packages.

Default login: Admin/1234 External Link


Rtgui is a web ajax frontend to rtorrent. It works well on a Debian based DNS-323. It can run on top of lighttpd + php5-cgi. See INSTALL file for its requirements. Specific lighttpd configuration is :

server.modules         = (

##### FastCGI conf
fastcgi.server = ( ".php" => ((
                     "bin-path" => "/usr/bin/php5-cgi",
                     "socket" => "/tmp/php.socket",
                     "max-procs" => 1,              # only one core here
                     "bin-environment" => (
                       "PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN" => "3",  # and we don't want a lots of childrens eating the few mem we got...
                       "PHP_FCGI_MAX_REQUESTS" => "10000"
                     "bin-copy-environment" => (
                       "PATH", "SHELL", "USER"

##### RPC for localhost only
$HTTP["url"] =~ "^/RPC2($|/)" {
        $HTTP["remoteip"] != "::ffff:" {
        url.access-deny = ( "" )

##### SCGI conf
scgi.server = (
 "/RPC2" => # RT_DIR
  ( "" =>
    "host" => "", # Ip where rtorrent is listening
    "port" => 5000, # Port specified in .rtorrent.rc
    "check-local" => "disable",
    "disable-time" => 0,

I set the PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN to 3, you may want to tweak that parameter fo your own needs.

In /etc/php5/cgi/php.ini you may want to tune things like memory_limit

For an idea of the ressources eaten here is a top -b -n1 snapshot for rtgui,rtorrent,lighttpd,php5-cgi processes (rtorrent leeching on a 1.4Go torrent) :

 1741 www-data  20   0  6708  924  544 S  0.0  1.5   0:02.70 lighttpd                                                      
 1744 www-data  20   0 14576  616  160 S  0.0  1.0   0:00.23 php5-cgi                                                      
 1751 www-data  20   0 14928 2964 1792 S  0.0  4.8   0:06.59 php5-cgi                                                      
 1752 www-data  20   0 14928 2960 1772 S  0.0  4.8   0:06.36 php5-cgi                                                      
 1753 www-data  20   0 14928 3020 1780 S  0.0  4.9   0:06.44 php5-cgi                                                      
 2464 torrent   20   0 22084 5316 4032 S  0.0  8.6   4:14.33 rtorrent


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