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How to hardware-reset your DNS-323

There are 2 ways of hardware-resetting (or returning to factory defaults)

  1. From the web interface Tools>System>Defaults: Restore To Factory Default Settings
  2. Using the hardware reset button

The hardware reset button is documented in the D-Link DNS-323 Manual ver 1.2. ( however does not discuss how it is used.

How-to perform a hardware reset

  1. Shut down DNS-323
  2. Remove Power adapter cable and network cable
  3. Insert/press down paper clip/pen-tip into RESET pinhole at back of DNS-323 next to ethernet socket (keep it held down)
  4. Insert power adapter, press Power button at front of DNS-323, lights will come on
  5. Wait at least 10 seconds before releasing the RESET button
  6. Re-connect network cable

You can now use the EasySearch utility to search for your DNS-323. Note that EasySeach will only locate your device if you have left the name as dlink-xxxx, otherwise use a network IP-scanner to locate the device.

You device would have been reset to factory defaults, which would enable the DNS client utility as well.


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