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Build Linux 3.2.11 for DNS-313?

I am trying to compile a new rootfs and kernel for my Dlink DNS-313 rev. A. Linux version 3.2.11 is used for the project, but I am not sure if the mainline kernel supports the DNS-313 hardware? Under "System Type" --> "Arm System Type" while configuring the kernel with menuconfig I can choose "Cortina Systems Gemini" and then under "System Type --> "Cortina Systems Gemini Implementations" I can choose between Raidsonic NAS-4220-B, Teltonika RUT100, Wiliboard WBD-111 and Wiliboard-222?

By searching the web I found out that the ethernet device is called Storlink SL351x but when looking "Device drivers" --> "Network device support" --> "Ethernet driver support" no driver for this device is available?

Any suggestions on how to add support for DNS-313 in the 3.2.11 kernel?



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