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====== U-BOOT Monitor ====== ====== U-BOOT Monitor ======
-  * See also [[http://wiki.dns323.info/hardware:serial|serial connections]].+  * See also [[http://dns323.kood.org/hardware:serial|serial connections]]. 
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  * Type the two keys **SPACE** and **1** before the monitor 3 second timeout.   * Type the two keys **SPACE** and **1** before the monitor 3 second timeout.
 +===== Enabled Commands =====
 +The standard U-Boot on my B1 hardware has the following commands enabled:
 +  Marvell>> ?
 +  ?      - alias for 'help'
 +  bootm  - boot application image from memory
 +  cp      - memory copy
 +  echo    - echo args to console
 +  erase  - erase FLASH memory
 +  loadb  - load binary file over serial line (kermit mode)
 +  md      - memory display
 +  printenv- print environment variables
 +  run    - run commands in an environment variable
 +  setenv  - set environment variables
 +  Marvell>>
 +It is pretty limited, but is enough to recover a failed firmware installation.
 +There is mention made of additional commands which may be enabled through setting the environment variable "enaMonExt" to "yes" ("setenv enaMonExt yes" at the U-Boot prompt). Examination of the Marvell sources confirm this variable name, and what it is supposed to do.
 +Unfortunately, it simply results in the following output for any "advanced" commands:
 +  Marvell>> tftpfs
 +  Unknown command 'FSrun' - try 'help'
 +  Marvell>> blah
 +  Unknown command 'FSrun' - try 'help'
 +  Marvell>>
 +As you can see, the command is being translated to "FSrun", which indicates that the "enaMonExt" code path is being followed, but unfortunately, the version of U-Boot that I have was compiled without support for the "FSrun" command, which means that this has no meaningful effect on this hardware.
===== Exploring U-Boot ===== ===== Exploring U-Boot =====


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