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-Hi,I've been trying to fix an NFS issue. Without sucsces. Setup: Synology DS209+II, CFULLHDMA. The CFULLHDMA sees my window shares with no problem but fails to see the share on the synology nas. I've browsed through most of the posts on this subject. On synology fora as well. Is there a way to manually add the share on the CFULLHDMA? I realise myself the problem can also be the synology NAS, but i've setup the NFS rights properly. Finally, CFULLHDMA saw the nas NFS once. Never again. I rearranged setups to create similar conditions but with no sucsces.Please help. My apologies if this is the wrong place for this question.RegardsDuncan+TODO: 
 +== /mnt/HD_xx mounts == 
 +Configuration files for some services have explicit references to /mnt/HD_xx. 
 +To keep the ffp-reloaded environment compatible, you can create the mount points and add entries to /ffp/etc/fstab. 
 +Example for /mnt/HD_a2: 
 +# mkdir -p /mnt/HD_a2 
 +# echo '/dev/sda2      /mnt/HD_a2      ext2    defaults        0      0' >>/ffp/etc/fstab 
 +==== Tested with Firmware 1.05 of Custom Build ==== 
 +The methodology of reloading the Linux kernel does work from the v1.05 custom firmware, FrodoII_firmware, which has telnet turned on inside the firmware. 
 +It seems to me that it should be possible to execute the Debian chrooted installation in /mnt/HD_a2/linux by following this approach: 
 +cd /mnt/HD_a2/ 
 +for i in `ls linux/` ; do 
 +ln -s $i 
 +Unfortunately, it doesn't work, and I don't (yet) have a serial console set up to figure out why not. Anyone who has a serial console care to try the above, and let me know what I'm doing wrong


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