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#1 2007-01-17 21:55:52

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Power usage

I was bored while watching my DNS-323 sit there.  So I thought I see how much power it really uses.  Pulled these from my UPS monitoring software, seems fairly consistant on a number of runs.

This is with two Seagate 320gb drives.

off                                         0 watts (ya think?)
Initial boot, pre-disk spinup     16 watts
Initial boot disk spinup            63 watts
Idle with disk spinning            16 watts
Web access                           16 watts (no change from idle)
reading/writing files                31-39 watts variable
printing small files                  16 watts (no change from idle)
printing large files                  31 watts (spool to disk?)
Idle w/ disk in power save      8 watts



#2 2007-01-17 23:00:18

From: At the Atlantic Coast
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Re: Power usage

Great job LifeTap,

The power consumption depends largely on the disks attached, I have a couple of 750GByte disks in the FC5 server and they are quite power hungry.
If they had been in the DNS-323 the readings would have been 20 Watts over your figures, nearly twice as much when idle and running hot.



#3 2007-02-25 12:38:21

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Re: Power usage

Watts consumed:  PC / XBOX / Wii / PS3:



#4 2007-03-11 05:14:43

From: Germany
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Re: Power usage

I second these measurements, I've a power meter to test it.

BUT: 'off' consumes 6 Watts. (the network led is still lit even in OFF state and the power brick is a bit warm)

(using two 7200/500GB Samsung drives and the energy consumption values don't differ much)

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