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Internal USB on DNS-323 (B1 hardware)

My DNS-323 with B1 hardware has 88F5182 chip onboard. There are two usb controllers inside the chip, but the DNS-323 itself gives us access to only one controller. I (bas) discovered the way to get access to the second controller. It can be used, for example, with an usb-stick.


Detailed image


There are two wires on the picture above. I have marked them.

I have glued down disassembled usb-stick on the back side of the board and soldered the wires to it:


The usb_data+ and usb_data- wires must not be too long, or your usb device will work incorrectly.

Power source for usb device: Be careful: in case of accidental short your dns-323 may become damaged.


With usb-storage.ko driver the usb-stick works fine. I am trying to install Gentoo on it.


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