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When you install fun_plug in your DNS-323 or CH3SNAS box, it runs most of the programs from the mounted hard disks, so it prevents them from being unmounted cleanly.

You have this problem if your dmesg shows the following line:

 EXT2-fs warning: mounting unchecked fs, running e2fsck is recommended


Cleanboot will modify the reboot & shutdown process to overcome this issue, allowing you to cleanly reboot or shutdown your box.

How to install cleanboot 2.1 in fonz fun_plug 0.5

telnet or ssh into your box, and issue the following commands:

    # wget
    # funpkg -i cleanboot-2.1-ffp05.tgz
    # chmod a+x /ffp/start/
    # /ffp/start/ start

(If you use ffp 0.7, this may not work. Try again after changing the package name to 'cleanboot-2.1-arm-1.txz')

How to shutdown your box after cleanboot has been installed

telnet or ssh into your box and issue the command 'shutdown' or 'halt'.

NOTE: at the moment this is the only way to cleanly shutdown, if you do it either via the web panel or by pressing the button, the hard drives will not be cleanly unmounted.

How to reboot your box after cleanboot has been installed

There are several ways to reboot, all of them will umount the hard drives properly:

  1. telnet or ssh into your box and issue the command 'reboot'.
  2. issue a 'system restart' through the web administration panel

How do I repair my filesystem if I already have the 'unchecked fs' warning

There are three different methods to perform manual filesystem checks, choose the one you prefer:

  1. Reflash with the modified firmware with telnet access which allows umounting the disks and running e2fsck

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