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-That's a brilliant answer to an insntertieg question http://adlpzohf.com [url=http://bejurcxaewx.com]bejurcxaewx[/url] [link=http://yhxdbtzydt.com]yhxdbtzydt[/link]+====== Debian chroot talk page =========== 
 +Consider developing proper bootstrap method instead of unpacking already working system.\\ 
 +Look: http://dns323.kood.org/dsmg600/howto:chroot_debian 
 +I think it would really be interesting to see how to combine the debian installation with Fonz's FFP-reloaded approach for booting a new kernel. Has anyone tried this yet? 
 +Looks like the modern debnas provides Debian Etch, not Sarge, as it said in title. I've just set up following "the easy way" and get Debian 4.0 system.  
 +I'd like to see a list of compatible fun_plug systems here. For instance, are there any problems to anticipate following these instructions on a DNS-320? ~emgee


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