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ffp 0.5 has the option to enable the SMART monitoring tools.

If you want to set SMART up to email you it will require some further configuration.

I have found the best solution is to use a script file that is called by the smart daemon

# /ffp/sbin/


if [ ! -n "${SMART_DEVICETYPE+x}" ]; then

# Save the email message (STDIN) to a file:

# Append the output of smartctl -a to the message:
# Now email the message to the user at address ADD:

If you have a samsung drive you may need to add '-F samsung2' to smartctl line.

Then you need to modify the /ffp/etc/smartd.conf file

# Comment out DEVICESCAN

/dev/sda -d marvell -m -M exec /ffp/sbin/ -M test
/dev/sdb -d marvell -m -M exec /ffp/sbin/ -M test


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