How to extract gzipped and bzipped files (.tgz, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2.)

GNU tar supports the -z and -j flags, which allows extraction of compressed files without a pipeline:

tar -xvzf archivefile.tar.gz
tar -xvjf archivefile.tar.bz2

Inside the DSM-G600 you can't use those flags, so there you must use a pipeline:

gunzip -c archivefile.tar.gz | /mnt/HD_a2/tar -xvf -
/mnt/HD_a2/bzip2 -dc archivefile.tar.bz2 | /mnt/HD_a2/tar -xvf -

[bzip2 can be obtained here. It's a bzip2 archive, so you'll obviously want to extract it before you install it onto the DSM-G600 8-).]

In windows you can use various applications to extract tar.bz2 files:

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