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#1 2009-10-14 22:10:00

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Access denied! Mapping problem?

Very weird: i can no longer gain Windows access to my Volume_1 from either my XP or Vista machine. What gives?
I am able to ping my DNS323, and it shows up on the Search Utility. I can even ftp to it externally but I can't access Volume_1.
I am also able to map the drive using either the Search Utility or the Windows mapping menu, but I get

Z:\ is not accessible. Access denied.

Anyhow, I have removed the funplug via telnet, a bad move i suspect, because now i cannot access my files inside Volume_1. (I was trying to resolve
another ssh problem)

Is there a way to salvage what's inside my hard drive? I only have one hard disk and i am in the process of buying a 2nd. I know that my files are still securely inside.




#2 2009-10-15 09:54:01

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Re: Access denied! Mapping problem?

yes i have a similar problem only i just installed a second drive as a raid 1 setup.  ssh still works, as does FTP but for some reason i can nolonger use cifs or smb



#3 2013-12-29 13:55:22

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Re: Access denied! Mapping problem?

I have installed FFP on my ZyXEL NSA-210, FW release 4.40 (AFD.2), directly from the repository (install packages), no memory stick. I can correctly access it via telnet, but with SSH.
I have launched the sshd but when i try to access it via Putty (username: root, password: my NSA-210 password) i get "access denied".
Thank you very much for the support



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