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#1 2017-10-31 17:27:42

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DNS-323 FW CRC error - "Can't erase unknown Flash type - aborted"

I've got a DNS-323 which I can't update the firmware on, I can upload the images via TerraTerm using kermit (as per the Wiki), however once it's uploaded, it immediately crashes out with the error message in the title repeated over and over.

On booting, you get the usual CRC error for the Ramdisk Image, which is what prevented this unit from booting in the first place.

I can (and have previously) changed the flash IC, but obviously the original one contains the copy of U-Boot/Kernel so the unit would just sit there and do nothing.

Is there any way I can fit the new flash IC and upload the firmware afterwards? or would I have to flash the firmware into the chip then solder it onto the PCB again?

I don't have a TSSOP adapter for the IC but I'm pretty sure I could get one and wire it up to my EEPROM programmer if absolutely necessary.

Thanks, Dave.



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