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Custom SMB Share Names

This HOWTO walks you through changing the default share name(s) Volume_1 to one of your choosing (constrained only by smb valid share names).

Note: This has only been tested on firmware v1.04
  1. From within the D-Link web admin: Save your Configuration Settings
  2. Edit the saved file with a Linux compatible text editor (Like Notepad++ - see warning below)
  3. Locate [ Volume_1 ] and replace the Volume_1 string with the new share name for this volume.
    • For example:
      [ Volume_1 ]


      [ media ]
  4. Save the file and load it back up onto the DNS-323 (Using 'Load Configuration Settings')
  5. Restart the DNS-323 and the new share name will be accessible.
  • You're done!

Is it possible to create more shares than just one per volume?

  • I have not yet tested this, but it may be possible to create additional shares simply by duplicating the [ Volume_1 ] section and making changes to the paths shown.

NOTE - Saving the configuration file in Unix format (LF terminators rather than CRLF) is CRITICAL

  • With firmware 1.04 there are reports that uploading a CRLF formatted configuration causes the web server, telnet, and other mechanisms for reconfiguring the unit to fail on reboot; further in these cases the hardware reset procedure did not work either. While other solutions might exist; the only confirmed fix required serial access.

Technical Details

  • The DNS-323 settings for SMB shares are stored on the actual drive being mapped (once a new share has been created or the default share settings updated). With telnet access the file /mnt/HD_a4/.systemfile/ stores the relevant details (substitute HD_b4 for Volume_2). This file can be directly edited bypassing the configuration download/upload above. Rather than renaming the share using the Samba option “browseable = No” seems like a nice approach. Unfortunately; this setting works but “confuses” the web page for configuring shares; YMMV with various extra Samba options in this file.


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