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How to change the homedirectory for users?

This is important if you want multiple users to access your NAS through SSH, or just simple have a home directory for settings in shell commands such as midnight commander. By default, new users made on the webinterface do not have a home directory. First thing to do is create those directories and give ownership:

create directories and give ownership:

mkdir /ffp/home; mkdir /ffp/home/test; chown test /ffp/home/test/

create startup script that changes homedirectory

Because NAS resets the Home directory of the users (i dunno why), create a startup script that changes the homedirectory for the users:

echo ”!/bin/sh” > /ffp/start/; chmod +x /fpp/start/

For each user append the script with the following: echo “usermod -d /ffp/home/test test” » /ffp/start/;

Alternative: home folders on different drives

If you like you home directory available through /home, next to root and ftp, which is more elegant then do the following:

echo ”!/bin/sh” > /ffp/start/; chmod +x /fpp/start/

And for each user: echo “usermod -d /home/test test” » /ffp/start/; echo “ln -s /ffp/home/test/ /home/test” » /ffp/start/; That's it.


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