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Alt-F Custom Firmware

João Cardoso has made a replacement firmware. This is in active development as at Dec 2010 and is successful on rev B hardware with C close to completion.

The firmware can be flashed over the existing Dlink firmware or used in a 'reloaded' fashion, loading after Dlink firmware.

Project Home Page :

Benefits include:

  • Up-to-date Linux Kernel
  • Extensive Web based administration
  • Web based package management and configuration
  • Precompiled packages for alt-f and ffp

Helge Customer Firmware

Note: The blog page for this work is from 2008

Helge has instructions for creating a custom firmware. Helge reports that the firmware created via this process can be uploaded to the DNS-323 web interface! Apparently this eliminates the need for using a serial port to flash the 323…

Testers wanted :). If this works, we could start working on a community firmware to replace the wretched D-Link firmware?

Some of the site is in Ukrainian, but it looks like all of the dns-323 stuff is in good english.


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