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How to hardware-reset your DNS-323

There are 2 ways of hardware-resetting (or returning to factory defaults)

  1. From the web interface Tools>System>Defaults: Restore To Factory Default Settings
  2. Using the hardware reset button

The hardware reset button is documented in the D-Link DNS-323 Manual ver 1.2. ( however does not discuss how it is used.

How-to perform a hardware reset

  1. Shut down DNS-323
  2. Remove Power adapter cable and network cable
  3. Insert/press down paper clip/pen-tip into RESET pinhole at back of DNS-323 next to ethernet socket (keep it held down)
  4. Insert power adapter, press Power button at front of DNS-323, lights will come on
  5. Wait at least 10 seconds before releasing the RESET button
  6. Re-connect network cable

You can now use the EasySearch utility to search for your DNS-323. Note that EasySeach will only locate your device if you have left the name as dlink-xxxx, otherwise use a network IP-scanner to locate the device.

You device would have been reset to factory defaults, which would enable the DNS client utility as well.

Note: if you can not get the factory reset to work as described before, you may want to try first pressing the reset button and keeping it pressed while unplugging(basically inverting the first two steps)


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