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Installing Twonkymedia UPnP Server

This will allow proper UPnP serving to Playstation 3 & XBOX360 Consoles - something alot more interesting now they both support mpeg4 (Divx/Xvid) Codecs. UPnP is improved in 1.04 firmwares but this will add the feature to 1.03 Firmwares. This tutorial is originally from here - PS3 Forums

TwonkyMedia isn't free, but it includes a 30-day trial. According to their website, it currently costs $39.95 for a TwonkyMedia license (version 4.3).


Enable telnet

To install TwonkyMedia, you must first enable a telnet server on the DNS-323. Some might consider this hacking, and it does require some basic knowledge of Linux, so if you're not comfortable with Linux or don't want to modify your DNS-323's startup process and config, I would not recommend proceeding. (This is not a permanent change and can be easily backed out.)

Telnet Install Instructions

Another way (and the way I went) was to install MLDonkey, which not only installs Telnet but also a edonkey/torrent interface for your DNS-323, all by copying a few files via ftp.

Install TwonkyMedia 4.3

Now, you can install TwonkyMedia version 4.3 for D-Link DNS-323, Originally from Here. (last Link mentioned here is not working any more).


The archive includes a setup program that will copy the necessary files to you NAS, and modify the boot files accordingly - no setup necessary. You just need to run the NASSetup.exe program on your PC, then follow the instructions.

The TwonkyMedia server will be installed at /mnt/HD_a2/twonky.

The TwonkyMedia autostart script will be installed at /mnt/HD_a2/

The TwonkyMedia web interface will be accessible at http://<fill in your DNS-323's ip address>:9000/configpage/index.html

Other Operating Systems

If you need to install via some other operating system, you will need to FTP the files, and modify the autostart file, fun_plug to start twonkymedia. (Please extend these instructions).


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