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Installing Twonkymedia UPnP Server

This will allow proper UPnP serving to Playstation 3 & XBOX360 Consoles - something alot more interesting now they both support mpeg4 (Divx/Xvid) Codecs. UPnP is improved in 1.04 firmwares but this will add the feature to 1.03 Firmwares. This tutorial is originally from here - PS3 Forums

TwonkyMedia isn't free, but it includes a 30-day trial. According to their website, it currently costs $39.95 for a TwonkyMedia license (version 4.4.x). Twonky don't provide telephone or email support for software installed on to a DNS-323, so be happy that it is working for you properly before buying the license key.

Which Version to Install?

Twonky Server version 4.4.18 installs most easily and works well, but is no longer being updated for more recent UPnP clients or getting new features. Additionally it allows you to edit the navigation trees for example to include A-Z sorting of large music or video collections.

Currently the latest version is 6.0.1, which can also install and run without problem, but requires some configuration changes after installation. Extending the navigation tree requires editing XML files, or at least replacing the default XML files with downloaded versions (eg from this QNAP forum post

Downloading the Twonky software

Download links for 4.X, 5.X and 6.X versions of the software are available from this links on this page of the Twonky website.


Enable telnet

To install TwonkyMedia, you must first enable a telnet server on the DNS-323. Some might consider this hacking, and it does require some basic knowledge of Linux, so if you're not comfortable with Linux or don't want to modify your DNS-323's startup process and config, I would not recommend proceeding. (This is not a permanent change and can be easily backed out.)

Telnet Install Instructions

Another way (and the way I went) was to install MLDonkey, which not only installs Telnet but also a edonkey/torrent interface for your DNS-323, all by copying a few files via ftp.

NOTE = Since the firmware 1.05, the DNS-323 has BitTorrent support.

Install TwonkyMedia 4.4.18

Now, you can install TwonkyMedia version 4.4.18 for D-Link DNS-323, Originally from Here.

The 5.1 version is also available Here.

Always be sure to check for the latest version of Twonky on the Twonky media site.


The archive includes a setup program that will copy the necessary files to you NAS, and modify the boot files accordingly - no setup necessary. You just need to run the NASSetup.exe program on your PC, then follow the instructions.

The TwonkyMedia server will be installed at /mnt/HD_a2/twonky.

The TwonkyMedia autostart script will be installed at /mnt/HD_a2/

The TwonkyMedia web interface will be accessible at http://<fill in your DNS-323's ip address>:9000/configpage/index.html

Other Operating Systems

If you need to install via some other operating system, you will need to FTP the files, and modify the autostart file, fun_plug to start twonkymedia.

Create the directory /mnt/HD_a2/twonky. Copy the following files and directories to /mnt/HD_a2/twonky: twonkymedia twonkymedia-default.ini cgi-bin plugins resources twonkymediaserver

Start server by running twonkymedia.

(ESPAÑOL) Instalando Twonkymedia UPnP Server

Este producto le brindará un apropiado UPnP Server para las consolas PlayStation 3 y XBox 360 — algo mucho más interesante ahora que ambos soportar MPEG4 (DivX/Xvid) Codecs. UPnP fue mejorado en el firmware 1.04, pero habia sido agregado en el firware 1.03.

Este tutorial fue originalmente publicado aqui = PS3 Forums

TwonkyMedia NO ES GRATIS, es una versión de prueba por 30 días. De acuerdo con su sitio, el costo es actualmente de US$39.95 for una licencia de TwonkyMedia (version 4.4.x)


Habilite telnet

Para instalar TwonkyMedia, ud debe primero habilitar un servidor de Telnet en el DNS-323. Hay quienes lo consideran un hackeo, y requiere un conocimiento básico de Linux. Si no se siente seguro en Linux o no quiere modificar el proceso de arranque y configuración de su DNS-323, le recomendamos no proceder (No es un cambio permanente y puede ser fácilmente recuperado).

Telnet Install Instructions

Otra manera (y la que utilice) fue instalar MLDonkey, el cual no solo instala Telnet sino tambien una interface edonkey/torrent en tu DNS-323, todo copiando unos archivos via ftp.

NOTA = Desde el firmware 1.05, el DNS-323 tiene soporte a BitTorrent

* Instalar TwonkyMedia 4.4.11 *

Ahora, ud puede instalar la version 4.4.11 de TwonkyMedia para D-Link DNS-323 Originally from Here.


El archivo incluye un programa de instalación que copiará los archivos necesarios a tu NAS, y modificará los archivos de inicio correspondientes. Ninguna configuración adicional es requerida.

Ud solo necesita ejecutar el programa NASSetup.exe en tu PC y seguir las instrucciones que se indican.

El servidor TwonkyMedia será instalado en /mnt/HD_a2/twonky.

El script de autoarranque de TwonkyMedia será instalado en /mnt/HD_a2/

La pagina web de TwonkyMedia será accesible en http://<su IP del DNS-323's>:9000/configpage/index.html

Otros Sistemas Operativos

Si ud necesita instalar a través de otro sistema operativo, ud necesitará pasar por FTP los archivos, y modificar el archivo de autoarrnque, fun_plug, para iniciar el TwonkyMedia. (Favor ampliar estas instrucciones si lo considera necesario). Le recomendamos usar Windows !

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