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Cocktails - How To Make A Batida Mango Cocktail

Mango fruit is best for summer it can be use in making ice cream, a fruit juice and etc. This fruit can also be use in making a cocktails, this one of the ingredients in making it. Savour this mango blended sensation cocktail. Then you'll know another way to to enjoy mango. This is really best especially in summer season, you don't have to prepare a lot of ingredients. This batida mango cocktail is delicious and nutritious since the has a vitamin's. In making it there is also steps to be followed just like any other cocktail, ingredients to be prepared.

Here are the ingredients on making a batida mango cocktails, the cachaca, a fresh mango (already chopped), sugar, crushed ice, cherry (for garnish). The steps are prepare the crushed ice by using a wooden pestle, pour cachaca, sugar, chopped mango, and crushed ice in the blender. Put the lid on the blender securely and place the blender on a high power for a minute. Wait until you don't hear the ice crush anymore. Next to do is pour the blended mixture into your win glass. Gently place the cherry on the top of the drink as a garnish. Enjoy drinkin of your finish product.


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