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Since regular users can't modify Main Page then here is the right place where you can point out some Main Page mistakes or suggestions how to improve it ^_^


Would it be possibe to remove the help text for DNS, which in this case i a part of the product name and not Domain Name Server.

Also, can we rename the “How-to fun_plug” to something more informative, e.g. “Howto Hack” or something more appropriate. A user entering for the first time will look for “hack” and doesn't have a clue what the fun_plug is,

Instead of

[[|xxx]]'' use ''[[wp>XXX|XXX]]

Harware Specifications: i would suggest to show also average values of powerconsumption for this embedded device. thats seems an important infomation for comparison of embedded linux nas-devices (to me).

look here:

i was bored while watching my DNS-323 sit there.
So I thought I see how much power it really uses.
Pulled these from my UPS monitoring software, seems fairly consistant on a number of runs.

This is with two Seagate 320gb drives.

off                                0 watts (ya think?)
Initial boot, pre-disk spinup     16 watts
Initial boot disk spinup          63 watts
Idle with disk spinning           16 watts
Web access                        16 watts (no change from idle)
reading/writing files             31-39 watts variable
printing small files              16 watts (no change from idle)
printing large files              31 watts (spool to disk?)
Idle w/ disk in power save         8 watts

Suggestion for update of the specs on the main page:


DLINK DNS-323 it Conceptronic CH3SNAS?

Link added and its a clone device — sala 2007/10/17 14:55

Consider updating the memory section on the main page. I looked it up at Nanya and it should be 2 X 256 MB NT5DS16M16CS-6K chips (each chip is 16 X 16 MB) – Also the link on the memory is dead.

The optware discussion could use a howto page, anyone agree?

optware created fonz 2008/04/09

New suggestions

new suggestions go down here.

Suggestion for update of the specs on the main page:


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