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question on replacing existing drives in DNS-232 and keeping the data

I would like to know if this would work.

I want to take out the existing drives.  Put in two new drives and let the unit set them up in the mirroring mode.  Then take the #1 drive out and put it in a pc with the windows driver to allow it to read and write the format of the DNS-232 drive.  Take out the newly formatted drive in the DNS and put it in the pc to copy the files from the old drive over to the new drive.  Then put the new drive back into the DNS.  Will the DNS-232 then copy the files to the mirror drive?  Copying the files over the network to the new #1 drive would take way too long at the speeds of the DNS network interface.  Will this work or is there a better way of doing it?



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Re: question on replacing existing drives in DNS-232 and keeping the data

There are lots of posts on this.......

The way I would (did) do it:
1 - Remove both existing drives.
2 - Install 1 new drive and format it (install FFP)
3 - Install one of the old drives
4 - Use the console, SSH, telnet, whatever to log in and copy from the old drive to the new drive
5 - Remove the old drive
6 - Install the second new drive and select the option to mirror

No across-network copying
No USB caddy/enclosure required
No Windows involvement / driver installation
2 complete backup spare drives

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