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Your English is just fine! I am currently not using Windows for stm32; I sertatd on Ubuntu 10.10 and most recently I've sertatd using a Mac with OS X 10.6.1) Yes, the Versaloon is that and more.2) Because we're going to use one to reprogram the other. There are two stm32 s on each stm32-discovery; one is the target chip, the other is the one that runs the ST-Link software. You'll be replacing the ST-Link binary with a Versaloon binary, so it will no longer work with ST-Link software, but instead would work as a Versaloon under Windows, Linux or Mac.3) After you reprogram the st-link chip on the stm32-discovery to Versaloon, you can use code sourcery g++, openocd, and gdb to build and debug for stm32.


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