Hardware Support

The Marvell 88f5182 have a cryptographic hardware (named “CESA”) thing that is allowing to reduce CPU usage while dealing with crypto stuff. If you check in the kernel, you'll see that this crypto hardware access is done using OCF.

A guy from Marvell did post a dm-crypt.c patch to allow using OCF for encrypted partitions, I didn't checked DNS323's kernel source, but I don't think that this patch have been applied on it …

You can find that patch here and the message describing it here. Note that the crypto hardware is supporting DES-CBC, 3DES-CBC and AES-CBC encryption !


this patch seems to be applied to the sources that comes with Firmware 1.05, but it seems to be disabled icks

Speed measurements

I think the speeds measured in the article do not make much sense unless you know the speed of unencrypted disk access on the same hardware. icks


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